We want to give you the tools to Dream, Hustle and Live with financial freedom.

Our approach

As long as you follow our instructions the items that we remove from your credit stay removed. This is why we consider ourselves a premium credit consulting company.


It Starts

Every client begins with an assessment. This helps us to see how we can help you and where we should start.

The Plan

We then go over some of your financial goals. Are you looking to buy a house? a car? This all matters when developing a plan.

How we do it

It all starts with your booking an appointment with one of our credit consultants. You can book your appointment here on our website by clicking one of the START NOW buttons. Instructions are then emailed to you after you schedule an appointment. Before your appointment date be sure to follow those instructions. At that meeting, we will put together a plan for your credit improvement needs.


Dispute Process

We initiate a dispute process on all negative inaccuracies on the credit reports directly.

ReEstablishing Credit

Our Final Service is reestablishing credit. We use financial institutions to help our clients establish positive trade lines.